Welcome to My Site

Hey you! Thanks for visiting my site!

I created this to explore ideas. I am infinitely curious about the world around me. I love literature, traveling, and philosophy. If you have a different perspective, or idea you want to share, feel free to follow me on facebook and message me your ideas! I would love to hear from you! Please click My Adventures to peruse my blog posts!

Right now I’m into yoga, cooking, human interactions and spirituality. I’m a Christian, and a lot of my creative energy goes toward thinking about the purpose and meaning of existence. In my life, God has blessed me miraculously. He’s opened doors for me to travel, allowed me to attain a Master’s Degree, and provided financially for all of my endeavors. I’m lucky, and before I settle down permanently, I want to provide myself with a chance to investigate the world around me.

I don’t want to limit myself to my own narrow and finite perspective when there are so many others out there!

Happy Trails, Pilgrim!

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