Cheap and Incredible Cures for Wanderlust

So, back when I was 7, my Dad read me The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkein. The Hobbit is an incredible story, filled with excitement, adventure and, best of all, dragons. It was the first novel I can remember reading. Nowadays, pretty much everyone knows about it, I mean, it was turned into a movie trilogy…. enough said. But, I genuinely think my Wanderlust began when my father began to read me that story. Ever since reading about the adventures of the lovely and incredible Bilbo Baggins, and the troupe of dwarves that accomanied him everywhere I have had an inexplicable desire for magic and adventure. Now that I am 20-something it wil actually occur.

So I’ve been researching cheap ways to travel since I was, like, 15.

First site I stumbled upon- WWOOFing. People who WWOOF essentially trade time on organic farms for room and board in a country. Here’s the link if you are interested:

If Organic Farming is your thing, I highly recommend this. I have yet to experience WWOOFING, but I have heard great reviews from friends who have utilized this experience.

If you aren’t into farming, there’s another route to go:

On this site, you can search countries you are interested in, and then work in the field you are interested in. Although you do not make money, you work about twenty hours a week, typically, and are able to spend the extra time exploring the countryside. Although I haven’t tried this either, it could possibly be another option. I would just do this, but my flights for this summer’s trip are already booked. Flying from the US to Europe and flying to eight different countries for under $1600. I’m pretty impressed, honestly. Flights are so much cheaper in Europe than in the US.


3 thoughts on “Cheap and Incredible Cures for Wanderlust

  1. WWOOFing is amazing, if you find a reputable place. And I love this post’s theme! I’m always looking to quell sudden bursts of wanderlust that often arise when I’m stuck in a less-than-exciting place.


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