Quarter-Life Crisis

So, for the past year, I have been telling people I’ve hit a quarter-life crisis. I have been telling people that my life is a quarter way done, I am single, I have bills to play, and that, honestly, although I love my job, I am unsure that I am in the field I want to stay in for the rest of my life.

Although I began to tell people this after my husband of five years and I got a divorce  (ulggh. Break ups suck.), back when I was 23, I believe that I am only, just now at 25, exiting my quarter-life crisis. I only just now found out it’s a thing too. I mean, just google quarter-life crisis and see how many twenty-something blogs pop up. There are a lot. Also psychologically, the crisis revolves around intimacy vs. isolation (BINGO! This is why all my friends are leaving relationships and stressing out!)

So, in part because I am unsatisfied with living my life in the gray monotony of what is, and in part because I tend to make emotional decisions, I booked a ticket to Portugal. After googling flight prices, my trip expanded to include Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, England and Sweden. I booked my flights, I’m researching how to pack, and I’m ready to go figure myself out.

Let the Wanderlust be cured.


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