When I first booked my ticket to Portugal

It began with a facebook post.

“Ticket to Portugal! $320.00! Who’s with me?”

Twenty-one likes later, no one could commit to the ticket. I looked desparingly at my laptop screen. It was the day after my twenty-fifth birthday. I was scheduled to work that weekend.

While I was at work, I talked to colleague who joyfully ran up to me and told me she could go on the trip. Two days later- as I was buying the ticket- she cancelled on me.

That was when I realized I needed to take life into my own hands. Gone are the days of waiting for people to go along with plans. Gone are the days of letting others take the lead. It was finally time to embark on some sort of epic adventure on my own. A coming of age if you will. A time to be courageous. A time to forsake my typical twenty-something life, and cure the wanderlust resonating deep within my bones.

After a particularly trying day at work, I impulsively bought my ticket. One-way. Lisbon, Portugal. Departing from Boston around 11pm. 12 hour layover in Terciera. Arriving 9 PM in Lisbon.

I speak 0 Portuguese.

That is ok: it is part of the adventure. That was about two and a half months ago.

The trip has now expanded to include Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, England and Sweden. It is my first time out of the USA.

I can not wait for my mind to be completely and epically blown.


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