Why I love the Free Market Economy

European Airlines.

What does that have to do with a free market economy?


Fact: Currently, it is cheaper for me to fly from Boston to London than it is to fly from Boston to Las Vegas.

Fact: The European airline systems were deregulated back in the early 90s, and during this time, many small European airline companies sprung up. Because there were multiple competitive companies, flights became less expensive and the benefits are still being reaped today.

Fact: Companies like British Airlines, Volotea, and Germanwings need to compete with companies like Ryanair, so even those prices are low comparatively.

Fact: When individuals are given an oppurtunity to compete in business ventures, everyone benefits. I as a consumer can fly inexpensively across Europe, and the airline employees reap numerous benefits from the profit they turn.

And, this is why I love the free market economy.


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