Insomnia… OR booking 3/4 of the Euro-trip instead of sleeping <3

I am quite possibly an insomniac and I very rarely get more than five hours of sleep. Oftentimes, I am up thinking about the things I need to do before class the next day, or how to re-write my once-basic ten year plan. Before the great divide happened I had wanted a family by thirty.

Since the great divide, I have been forced to re-evaluate the realistic-ness of the basic “get married, have a family, a career,” yada yada yada ten yer plan (which had begun at 18) Some days I feel lucky I have a three year plan! Fortunately I love my career, so really the only real goal I need to give up is starting a family. Because, that involves some sort of relationship which, freaks me out. Besides I’m pretty dedicated to myself right now: even if I met someone I have 0 time to give them.

What does this have to do with Europe? I need to find a places to sleep obviously. I the insomniac will pay money for a place to lay my head and, quite possibly, be awake all night long.

To do this, I used airbnb, hostelworld, and couch surfing. So far I’ve got everywhere booked from the 13-11. I just need to book Italy, England and Sweden.

Places to sleep? Check. I even booked accommodations for some friends who are joining me:)

Although I’m not completely sure what’s going to happen ten, or even five years down the road I know that everything in the universe happens for a reason and I’m so excited to experience the journey that I am taking this summer. And, more importantly, the lack of sleep last night led to booking 3/4 of my trip and sending my travel buddies options for the 1/4 part. Yay Insomnia!


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