The Natural Beauty of Newport RI

Newport, Rhode Island. A small town in a small state, with some beautiful beaches, rich history, and surprises everywhere. I had never heard about it until I moved to the South Coast of Massachusetts. Apparently, an assortment of wealthy and unambiguous individuals have lived here in the past, which you can learn about on the Newport Cliff Walks, where many of their mansions (ahem- Castles- are located.)

The photo below is of First Beach. It is one of three beaches that lie in a row, seperated by peninsulas of land. This beach is closest to the cliff walks, which not only provide the explorer with historical knowledge of the area, but also offer oppurtunites to explore the mansions of some of the world’s  wealthiest and most successful people.

This weekend, I explored some of the natural beauty Newport has to offer. Photos below show some of the highlights:

This photo shows the view of the stone stairs from a different portion of the cliff walk. The view is breathtaking.   

Some rocky coastline:  

After exploring the clif walk, my friend and I decided to check out second beach and watch the sunset- this is probably my favorite image:  

The sand and coastline at Second Beach as the sun goes down:  

More sunset and Beach pictures       



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