An Epic Journey Into the Woods

Confession: I like solitude.

I took the trip to Freetown State Forest because the small, decadent child within me was yearning for some magic. A taste of a world beyond my grasp. A time for my imagination to take charge and a retreat from daily life.

Which, is just a fancy way of saying I wanted to go jogging.

And, thought out the bus routes to take from Paris to Amsterdam.

And, ruminated deeply about the types of mythological beasts that would dwell in the New England State of Massachusetts if humans had not decided to settle upon it’s densely forested terrain.

And, after several minutes of lackadaisical jogging and an intense sprint, I determined that small, fat, mischevious elves may have been present at some point. In Massachusetts, I am certain that these elves would lure unsuspecting travellers such as myself to a deeply enchanting and beautiful secret place in the forest. I feel that they would have an abrupt way of speaking, and after luring their prey into that beautiful spot, promptly vanish from sight, creating a vacuous space, in which weary travellers become stuck until some sort of rare woodland nymph or demi-god takes pity upon their impoverished, hungry souls and points them back to the trail.

Which is a fancy way of saying I got a little lost.

Luckily, I got these photos before I found my way out. The lighting was gorgeous.

This tree belongs in some sort of fairytale. I am convinced that if it could communicate, it would tell me the meaning of life and unviel a portal to a different dimension. 

This road needs a horse-drawn carriage and some sort of stately officer in either purple or red velvet to complete the fairytale effect.

This pond is actually home to several transformational Water Sprites that appear in our realm to be common water bugs.

In the forest, as with life, you never know where you are going until you get there. I am learning that sometimes, a lack of a goal is ok.

If my life were a Fairy Tale, some sort of highwaymen would lay discretely covered by foliage, waiting for me, an unsuspecting princess, to meander by. Once the bandits had spotted me, they would have attempted to rob me, only to have been unpleasantly surprised and shocked by the furtive attack skills I picked up here and there.

It’s probably a good thing my life is not that exciting.


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