How to pack for 50 days… (With a limit of 8kg)

So for the past two months I have been googling, pulling research up and generally thinking of every scenario. Looked at Rick Steve’s blog. Googled cost-effectiveness. Joined hostelworld. Emailed the folks at airbnb. Booked everything. Chatted with my lovely friends.

The most nerve-wracking part about this trip has been my wardrobe. What would I do if my stuff was overweight? What would I need for all 7 weeks!?

I kid you not, up until about yesterday (the day before leaving), I was trying to figure out what I needed. My lat purchase was a tide to go stick at wal mart.

I strategically picked colors that went with everything- black, white, and navy. Bought a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. Bought a special Ryanair bag.

When I got to the airport my bag weighed exactly 8 kg. Apparently most airlines don’t weigh hand bags (score!)

Here’s what I ended up packing for my 50 day trip:

4 pairs shorts (1 sleep, 1 work out, 2 casual)

1 pair capris

1 pair leggings

1 knee length black skirt

1 sarong (which I’m using as a towel, sheet, skirt , cover up and scarf)

2 long scarfs

2 cardigans

1 long dress

1 knee length dress

1 short casual dress

1 rain poncho


7 pairs silk panties (they weighed less than cotton)

3 shirts for wearing out and about

2 undershirts

1 tank top

1 exercise shirt

1 sleep shirt

1 TEP device (portable wifi hotspot, it cuts down on roaming charges and there are apps that use only wifi for phone- try talkatone)

1 pair of running sneakers

1 pair of clogs that function as shower shoes and sandals

3 bathing suits one of which doubles as a sports bra

1 extra sports bra

1 regular black bra

I have a pink belt wrapped around my handles so my black bag sticks out

Also, I used wal mart brand storage bags, so my stuff didn’t take up much space and a plastic container to organize my shoes. I double wrapped most of my stuff in plastic bags, which I can use for wet clothes and dirty socks. Also I don’t want my dirty things mixing with my clean things (so I’m a little OCD)

In my -unweighed- 😌 handbag

Tablet, all chargers, toiletries, band-aids, woollite laundry soap, tide to go stick, make up, digital camera, extra iphone charger, aspirin, cheap earrings, plug adapter and compact extension cord.

I wore jeans, a sweater, earrings,a scarf and sperrys to the airport. And, obviously, undergarments.

Can’t wait to board the flight!


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