The nine hour layover in Terceira

Terceira is beautiful. It is an island off of the coast of Africa and is part of the Azores. There are two major cities- Praia de Victoria, which is smaller than Angra, the large city on the island.

Everyone i spoke too in the island was amazing. The taxis are inexpensive, and i was able to buy a huge, delicious Portuguese meal for about $5.00. That meal pretty much fed me all day. The best part of Terceira is the 6 hours will give you a taste of this island, and make you want to see more.

In Praia de Victoria, the beaches are beautiful. The village is small and the airport is close by. It cost 6 euro to take the taxi, which is not bad. Taxis are right in the square. And, you can spend lots of time at the beach.

In Angra there are more restaurants, stores and people. I arranged for the taxi driver to meet me at a specific time so that I wouldn’t miss my flight. He obliged and I was on time. The taxi from Praia de Vittoria to Angra was 20 euro.

Both cities have beautiful views of the ocean. Highly recommend.



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