The Lovely Land of Lisbon

to gotttAs an American I do nit hear enough about Lisbon. It is a beautiful city, rich with history and culture. There are several regions but I was fortunate enough to stay in the Alfama district, which is the historic center.

Everything about it was beautiful. I used airbnb to get a room steps away from Porto Do Sol. Its one of several terraces in the city. Every morning, artists and musicians gather there, and there are several coffee shops and restaurants. My air bnb host was phenomenal and portos do sol is beautiful at all times!

I could literally write pages and pages about Lisbon. In the Alfama district there are literally musicians and museums around every corner. The city is historic and narrow cobblestone streets are everywhere.

If you know even a little portugeuse, the locals will tell you everything.

There are definitely a couple of must sees- sao Jorge’s castle is a must see. Also, don’t over plan this city, if you ever visit you only need to walk five minutes in any direction to find something inexpensive and awesome!

Below are some pictures of architecture and the views from terraces. This place is amazing!



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