What is Lagos?

Lagos, Portugal.

Never heard of it?

Neither had I.

I stumbled, somewhat accidentally into this place via google. Literally, just google beaches in Portugal and you will see the Algarves. The Algarves Are a region of southern Portugal that were described by google as “the Florida of Europe.” After seeing pictures and reading reviews, I chose to Forego the larger and more popular Faro for the smaller, seemingly more pristine Lagos.

I was not disappointed.

Lagos is filled with natural beauty, lagoons, caverns and cliffs. It abuts the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches are seldom crowded. Kayaking around te caves is only 10 euro an hour, cruises are cheap and most guides speak fluent english.

To save money, I stopped at markets and bought fruit and veggies. I easily got by on ten euro a day.

The hostels in the main hostel are close to the beaches, shops, restaurants and bars. The streets in the main plaza are made of small cobblestones and history is everywhere.

I state in sol-a-sol beach hostel which was literally five minutes from everything. Easy to get to the beach, free wifi and breakfast. Staff and events were great- it was particularly easy to meet people.


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