The Eight Hour Car Ride Back OR how we ended up at Foulmouthed Brewery: Portland ME

Nature is beautiful. It’s wonderful. Nothing beats being up in the mountains with no cell phone access. Life is just completely different when technology is unavailable, and, it is a great kind of different!

Me, enjoying the Save the Bees

But, the real test is getting back to Providence (and/or Boston) without a GPS. It’s strange for us Millenials, no? I mean, I can only speak for myself, but I have lived in Boston for almost a year now, and I (still) use my GPS. When we began our eight-hour trip back, we somehow managed to get out of The Forks, ME without one, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Steph and me, obviously ecstatic to be out of the car.

Portland, ME just happened to be our halfway stop. Portland is renown for it’s fantastic breweries. We were lucky enough to find a brewery opened at 11am, which is precisely when we arrived there. Foulmouthed Brewery served some delicious ales, and I had a lovely drink called Save The Bees, which tasted light, delicious and was served with a flower. I also got to indulge in Vietnamese Carrot Soup, which was exactly what I needed midway through our trip.


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