Gone Adventuring: Getting to Plitvice Lakes National Park

I knew when I initially booked the trip to Croatia I wanted to go to Plitvice. When I arrived at the hostel, I immediately was invited to hang out with a large group of people and check out the cinema. Afterwards, I found out a group of people were renting a car and going to Plitvice.

One of the many falls in Plitvice

The other option was to pay  to catch a bus at 7 am and stay until around 5pm. The bus trip is estimated to be about two to three hours.The entrance fee to get in is 110 kuna, and the ticket includes rides on the buses and catamarans that transport people around the lakes. There are wooden platforms all over the park as well. Experiencing Plitvice is worth any price you need to pay. It is absolutely gorgeous.

A view of the falls cascading into the brilliantly blue water.

The car fit five people, and we piled into it around 10 am. We piled in, and this is how the OG travel crew formed. It consisted of a brother and sister traveling together named Marty and Indre, Ina, Blake, and myself. We traveled the falls together all day, and discussed future plans.wp-image-8686143701442341378

There are some circumstances in life which inevitably lead to friendship. Road tripping a foreign country is one of those situations. I took the dreaded middle seat, while Marty graciously agreed to drive the entirety of the ride. Blake took on the role of trusty copilot, and Ina and Dre sat in the back seat, trying not to crush me.

One of the Larger falls at Plitvice.

Upon arriving at Plitvice, we were overwhelmed by the masses of crowds. No matter where we went for the first 45 minutes, it seemed like we were dodging literal hordes of people. It wasn’t until we decided to take the longer trail that we were able to dodge the people and enjoy the falls.


Limestone Cliffs surrounding the crystal clear water of Plitvice

This park is gorgeous! It is enough of a reason to spend a week in Croatia. Waterfalls abound everywhere, and the water is bluer, and more clear than something out of a fantasy novel. I highly recommend this, as there is nowhere else like it.


One thought on “Gone Adventuring: Getting to Plitvice Lakes National Park

  1. They were beautiful and well worth a visit. I actually decided to stay overnight on my way from Zagreb to Split, which worked out quite nicely as they were very quiet first thing in the morning!


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