#GoCroatia: Day tripping from Split: Krka National Park

While in Split, I took two separate day trips. One to Krka, and one to Trogir. Both were beautiful and totally worth the expense.


Those little black shapes are fish swimming around the water.


Krka is worth seeing. It is not as big as Plitvice, but has less people and a very educational section in which you learn all about the mills in Croatia. This educational facility is unique to Krka.

Day Trip: Krka

For this trip, I ended up meeting a bunch of people at my hostel who also wanted to go. Alex, one of the people at the hostel, graciously agreed to drive us there, and we carpooled up to Krka. It took only an hour to get there from the Port of Split, and we spent nearly 5 hours enjoying the waterfalls, picnicking and touring the forest.


Our view of the Falls while we picnicked.


Fun Fact 1: The water in Croatia is clear almost everywhere. I’m not sure if this is completely true, but I think it’s because limestone is everywhere and is a natural filter. It causes dirt and pollutants to sink to the ground. Thus, the water in Krka is clear enough to see through.

Fun Fact #2: Unlike Plitvice Parks, there are no rules against swimming in Krka. The falls are way to strong to get very close, but it’s a super refreshing dip after a day of hiking. Most people swim at the bottom of the falls and it is absolutely breathtakingly clear.

Fun Fact #3: After realizing that lime is a natural filter, and knowing that running water is typically void of germs, I totally filled up my water bottle with water from the waterfall. No one swims on top, and I figured I would be fine. I was.

Fun Fact #4: There are a bunch of people selling figs, almonds, and other delicious mediteranean  snacks near the swimming area. We packed our food, but just in case you aren’t the plan-ahead type.


Fun Fact #5: The boats around the park aren’t actually included in the ticket. Only the bus from the entrance to the park is. Therefore, bring extra cash if you are planning to explore some of the other parts of the park.






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