Day Tripping from Split: Trogir

What is it?

Trogir is a hidden gem in Croatia. It is about an hour’s ferry ride or bus from Split. Again, the streets and buildings are made of ancient limestone and marble. The entire city is walled, and there are beautiful promenades that surround several yachts.


The View from the tower at St Lawrence’s Cathedral: The harbor of Trogir


Why you should go:

Trogir is a great day trip from the Port of Split and it is also only three kilometers away from the airport. There is enough to do to be occupied for a couple of days, and there are several opportunities to learn more about the history of Croatia.


The Main Square


Three Budget-friendly Activities to do in Trogir:

Note: Bring your student ID if you have one! You will get discounts at all the historic sites and museums!

Check out the St Lawrence Cathedral:


St Lawrence’s Cathedral


This cathedral is one of the oldest, and most fascinating cathedrals in all of Croatia. The 15 kuna admission fee included climbing to the top of the tower, seeing the inside of the cathedral, and exploring. It was beautiful both inside and out, and is worth the visit.


The Inside of The Cathedral

Get Lost in the City Streets:


These streets are narrow and beautiful. They are made of limestone, and like many of the other cities in Croatia, you can get lost in the beauty.


This historic wall abuts a soccer field where children casually play.


Visit Central Square in Trogir:

The Central Square is surrounded with small shops and places to eat. You could either pack a lunch or you could sit down and enjoy the views with an inexpensive beverage. 🙂



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