Kuta: If you Want to Party…

Kuta gets a bad rap.

Nobody I’ve spoken too has been thrilled about Kuta.  It has a reputation for being wild, drunken, and rowdy.

I decided to stay for two nights, because it’s close to the airport, and I wanted to see for myself if the rumors were true.

I booked a proper party hostel, with a pool, located right next to sky gardens. What is Sky gardens?

Either the best or worst idea ever to come to Bali.

For a measly 120,000 Rupiah, from 5pm-9pm it is all you can eat and drink. That means essentially for less than $12.00 USD all of your food- and drinks- are covered. It was located about 5 minutes from my hostel.

What happens at Sky Gardens?

So, the food is decent enough. I had fresh fruit and vegetables, along with shish kebab while I was there. There are themed nights. Everyone gets together and hangs out for a while while they are there.

There is a decent selection of drinks there as well. When I first got there, I assumed that there would be only wine and beer. That’s available. But, so are cocktails. The only limit between the hours of 5pm-9pm is that you can only grab two drinks at a time.

The restaurant/club has several floors. Both nights, I started at the highest floor. each floor has different music types, and therefore; different types of people.

If you love dancing, Sky Gardens in Kuta is definitely the place to go.

But what if I don’t want to Dance?

So, Kuta is good for dancing. It’s good for going out with friends. It’s good for eating, shopping, and drinking. The beaches are beautiful, but they are very crowded.

All in all, two days is plenty of time to experience Kuta.


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