On Being Home: An Apology

Going from the summer weather in New Zealand to the freezing Winter temperatures of New England jarred my brain.  Almost as soon as I landed, my newsfeed on facebook buzzed with articles on both the wacky New England weather patterns, and political polarity plaguing the United States right now.

And, although this is usually a blog dedicated to travel, adventure, and personal growth, I want to take a post to say: I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. 

I’m so sorry that the figurehead of my country has been swapping insults over twitter with the leader of North Korea. I’m sorry that he speaks of women as if they are objects. I’m sorry that he continuously speaks in an uncouth and blase manner about race, poverty and inequity.

Most recently, his comment about ‘* * * *hole countries.’ As a traveler I am both appalled and disturbed that his words are being broadcast into the world and that this is what Americans are being presented as. I’m sorry that this is happening.

And, although I am powerless to do anything on a macro-level to change what he says or what the American government does, please know that on a micro-level there are many Americans, Americans just like me, who’s jaws drop in shock and dismay when we hear about President Trump’s newest tidbit of wisdom.

Furthermore, I understand that as a white, heterosexual female, I have been part of the problem and have benefited from privileges in the USA associated with being white and female. I want to admit that. And I want to say, that even if I do not know all the answers, I hope that someday the USA will be a bastion of opportunity- real opportunity- and that all citizens will have access to that opportunity.

And, I hope, that if you are reading this, you can take this as a sincere apology from one horrified American, to the many people that our President is offending on a regular basis.



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