La Fortuna Falls: Is it Worth the $15?


After walking for about an hour and a half from the hostel to the waterfall site, Rhiannon and I were shocked to hear that seeing a natural waterfall would cost $15.00 US.

After a brief conversation, we determined that it would be best to head back to the hostel and catch a ride to the Free Hot Springs.

The View of the Falls from the Park Entrance.

Fast-forward to about 48 hours later. I am determined to see the waterfalls. I look around my hostel and apparently I’m not the only one. Now, there are four of us taking the hour and a half long trek to the State Park Headquarters where we will pay the $15 to get in. Fortunately, about half-way there, a Costa Rican Local with a pick-up truck offered our group a ride, which we gratefully accepted and piled into his truck bed.

Finally, we made it to the Falls. Upon paying the $15, we were able to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant, and were greeted by signs for the Orchid Trail, and La Fortuna Falls.

“Let’s do the Orchid Trail first, so we can swim at the end.” I suggested, thinking that it would be a long, winding path.

My group agreed, and after about a five minute walk, we were finished with the trail. There was nothing left to do except for the 600 meter descent down to the bottom of the falls. The path is well-made. Stairs are mostly even, making the trail accessible for people of all ages.

Me, admiring the Waterfalls

The La Fortuna Falls are strong and powerful, but the hike in and of itself is easy. If you pay the $15 expecting a difficult climb, you will be disappointed. However, the La Fortuna Falls are powerful, strong and unique enough to impress anyone. Additionally, if you cross the river, there are several more hiking trails that belong to another company.

For me, the $15 to see the La Fortuna Falls was a small price to pay to admire some of the jungle’s natural beauty. If I had to do it again, I would definitely spend some time crossing the river to explore the hiking trails on the other side. Additionally, the $15 goes toward the town of La Fortuna, increasing the amount of services it’s citizens have access too.

The Rainforest

For me, the answer to the question is a resounding “yes.’ La Fortuna Waterfalls are worth the $15 you pay to see them, and you can have peace, knowing that the money you part with goes to help the town and it’s citizens.


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