Surviving Solo Travel: Valentine’s Day Tips

Today is Valentine’s Day. Oh Joy! 

Today is a day to celebrate true love. A day to go out with your significant other, and nurse the relationship. A day where you can expect to be treated like a princess. Or Prince, if you are a guy.

But, what if your significant other is on the other side of the world? Or, maybe, you have no desire to be with someone. Perhaps your life partner just hasn’t made an appearance yet. Whatever the reason, you are not with a significant other on Valentine’s Day and, maybe you miss that.

Here is a list of incredible things to do for the most important love of your life. No, I’m not talking about your dog, although I’m sure your pet is a very close second. I’m talking about your one true love, the person you can count on to see you through all of your struggle and heartache, the person who will be there when you triumphantly book another trip to the other side of the world. That person, the one who’s going to back you up on your decisions and support you no matter what.


Treat Yourself to Your Favorite Meal

Whether you are traveling on a budget, or traveling at a resort, being alone on Valentine’s Day can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be! Think about your favorite meal, and if you can treat yourself to it. If you don’t know how to cook your favorite meal, learn, and do it for yourself while you are traveling! It’s the perfect thing to do for you. Besides, your newfound cooking skills will be with you forever.

Write Your Future Self a Love Note

You’re important! So, draft a note to yourself for the future. Encourage yourself, and write out your most glorious achievements. Date it for next Valentine’s Day, and put it in your backpack until you are ready to open it! When you see it, you will see how much you have grown, and, in the present, your kind words to your future self will help you to be in a positive mindset.

Send Messages to Your Friends Expressing Your Gratitude for Their Support

Whenever you make someone else feel great about themselves, you’ll feel great about yourself, right? So, make someone’s day by sending them a heartfelt text telling them about how amazing they are. For sure, they’ll feel great, and you’ll feel great, knowing that you can make their day!

Indulge in a Spa Day

Spa Days are great for everyone. When you are on a budget, you can still make a mini spa day happen. Give yourself a facial using homemade cosmetics, use lotion on your hands, take a steaming shower with Eucalytus oil. even if your hostel lacks hot water, you can create a Spa atmosphere by boiling some water with Eucalyptus scented essential oils and inhale the steam. If you’re traveling around Costa Rica you could even go to the free hot springs and try that.

Eat Dark Chocolate 

Research shows that dark chocolate actually curbs anxiety and improves brain function. Multiple scientific studies show that chocolate actually increases the production of feel-good hormones, such as seratonin, norepeniphrine and dopamine. These chemicals are the very chemicals released when you are falling in love. Not only does chocolate perform this magic, chocolate also has been found to increase memory retention and stimulates blood flow to your brain. So go ahead, enjoy that special dark chocolate, and savor every minute as the velvety candy melts in your mouth. You deserve those feel-good chemicals.

Plan a Galentine’s Day At The Hostel or Go to The Pub with Your Mates 

Pull a Leslie Knope. If you’re an extrovert, find some friends at the hostel and plan a night out. Or, if you are on a strict budget, plan a pre-gaming party in, and buy a bunch of delicious food, wine and beverages. Turn the music up. Have an epic dance party with all the other fabulous travelers at your hostel and enjoy the traveler’s open-minded and freeing culture.

Take Yourself Out On a Date 

I not-so-secretly love doing this. I write out exactly what my perfect date would be, if I were with my significant other. (Assuming, of course, that my significant other exists.) Then, I look at what I’ve written, grab a journal, and head out. In the past, I’ve discovered incredible places (I still have friends back home that frequent the restaurants I recommend after enjoying a date with myself there, so it’s reasonably successful.) Every time I’ve taken myself out on one of these dates, I’ve left feeling blessed, thankful and knowing more about what I actually want in the future. (It definitely includes chocolate. And red wine.)

Entertain Yourself With an Online Dating App

If you really want someone to hang out with, use an online dating platform. Whether you want to meet someone to chill with for the day, or are looking for something a little more serious, it is definitely something that could open doors for you! One of my friends has met so many people while traveling through Tinder; she swears by it!


Cancel Plans With Everyone Else and Do Whatever you Want

That’s right. Do nothing. Let yourself sleep in. Take a walk. Shut off your phone. Spend the day sans technology. Read a book. Be happy.

So there you have it. Nine things you can do to appreciate the most important love of your life- yourself- while traveling on a budget.




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