Cool Things To Do Around Krabi, Thailand

Do you wish you could sprawl out on white sandy beaches, surrounded by glorious natural cliffs? Do you want a relaxing seaside experiences where you can adventure on a whim? Would you like to try to climb a mountain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Krabi could be the perfect place for you. Offering scenic beaches, serene canyons, and countless bars, clubs and restaurants, you will not run out of fresh things to do in Krabi, Thailand.

1. Try to Scuba or Snorkel around Hong Island

With incredibly gorgeous and exotic fish, Krabi’s Reef is an easy boat ride away from the popular Krabi Town! As you ride an authentic Longtail boat to the reef, you will be treated to beautiful vistas of the natural rock formations surrounding Krabi. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert at diving, this is one of the best things to do in Krabi, Thailand. I booked a tour out of Slumber Party Beach Hostel, and I was not disappointed!
2. Take a Sunset Cruise

Do you get excited watching the sun paint the sky countless beautiful colors? Yearning for a romantic getaway with that special someone? Then Krabi’s Sunset Cruises are up your ally!! Of the many cool things to do in Thailand, Krabi, this one is one leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to explore! Accessible both young and old people alike, these cruises are a great way to begin a fun-filled vacation. People of all ages will be enamored of the beautiful streaks of red, pink, and orange and gold decorating the horizon above the waterfront.

3. Schedule a Thalassa Tour

Looking for more interesting things to do in Krabi, Thailand? The Thalassa Tour Company specializes in custom tours for people of all backgrounds and interests. Whether you want to dive, island hop, meet people, or go with your own personal group, this tour company will cater to your needs. Rated with 5-stars on Tripadvisor, the tour guides are consistently rated as personable, and able to cater to multiple needs. The best part? These tours are available in multiple languages so anyone can access them!

4. Challenge yourself with Rock Climbing at Railay Beach
Offering a variety of courses, Krabi Rock Climbing at Railay beach provides private guides, rent equipment, and arrange Deep Water Solo trips. It doesn’t matter if participants are first time climbers or have been climbing for years, Krabi Rock climbing caters to each individual and group. As a unique and fun thing to do in Krabi, these climbs not only leave the participants feeling as though they have conquered the world, but also offers beautiful views of the seaside.

5. Go spelunking at Phranang Cave Beach
Of the top ten things to do in Thailand, Krabi, a visit to Phranang Cave Beach is a must! Situated in front of brilliant turquoise water, this beautiful beach emanates a relaxed, zen vibe. When you are ready for an adventure, get yourself over to the caves, where, you will be mesmerized by these incredible caverns. As you explore, make sure to get photos of the amazing surf, sun and sand!

6. Have a Spiritual Experience at Tiger Cave Temple

Do you like tigers? Are you interested in spiritual enlightenment? Do you love tigers? Then, the best thing you can do in Thailand, Krabi, is check out the Tiger Cave Temple, also known as Wat Thaem Suae. This temple, serving as a religious site for the monks who live and worship there, also features a maze of natural caves in an overgrown jungle valley. Here, you can find stone tools, pottery remains and the mold for making Buddha footprints! This excavation site is certainly a unique experience, and one that you will only have in Krabi, Thailand.

7. Walk the Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail
Looking for more cool things to do in Krabi, Thailand? This incredible trail offers stunning views of the charming and whimsical Thai countryside. This moderately difficult hike is consistently rated as one of the best trails in all of Thailand by hikers. As you climb stairs leading to the top of this hill, you may stop for a picnic with friends, or take numerous photos of the wildlife you will see.

8. Soak up the Sun at Poda Island

Do you want to sit on sand, soaking the suns rays and see authentic wildlife? Do you want a chance to snorkel? Poda Island is a small stretch of land, accessible by Longtail boat, and often one of many visited on tours. This island is home to incredible wildlife including monkeys! As you sit on the beautiful, white sands and absorb the rays of sunshine, you will be sure to see and hear monkey playing in the jungle behind you! Of the many things you can see and do in Krabi, this is sure to please you!
9. Spend a day on a Jungle Tour and Visit the Emerald Pool (Sa Moraket)

If you are looking for more cool things to do in Krabi, Thailand, book a jungle tour lasting for either a full or half day. Enjoy a ride to the Khlong Thom National Park where you will see the unique and interesting Thai Wildlife! These tours often include lunch, and a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide. Additionally, you will enjoy a swim in the Emerald Pool or finish by relaxing in the natural hot springs.
10. Drink, Dine and Dance near any of Krabi’s Incredible beaches

Looking for more popular things to do in Krabi? Each beach has a unique array of nightlife and it will be sure to tantalize your senses. If you are on Raylay Beach, check out Bamboo Bar! This family-owned pub has a sweet selection of beverages and service with a smile. Or, if you are at Ao Nang, check out Get Rad’s Bar and Restaurant. No matter where you go, a party will be happening close by in Krabi, Thailand!


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