How To Spend Two Days in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city rich in cultural history. It is easy to fill your time in Stockholm with excellent food, events and cultural discoveries.

1: Check out The Vasa

The Vasa is an epic museum where you can discover much about Scandanavian Life. Essentially, the museum harbors an actual ship that was preserved for over three hundred years, and brought to land. Artifacts were also discovered and the descriptions are in both English and Swedish. This is so unique to Stockholm, and definitely worth a visit!

2: Get Lost in The Old Town:.

This is a completely free and budget-friendly activity. Stockholm’s old Town is rife with archaic fountains, sculptures and architecture. It has streets so small you can stick your arms out and almost touch the walls of buildings on either side. Plus, Stockholm is an archipelago, meaning that there are several connected islands, so you get beautiful views of different parts of the city every so often. If you buy the three day pass, I would get off at Gamla Stan and wander from there.

3: Watch a Free Concert

Literally music was everywhere in Stockholm. Jill and I were wandering around the Old Town and an organ player was performing a concert in the town hall. He was accompanied by a dragon.

Ok, so there were no dragons but there was totally one on the program.

4. Visit the Incredible Bonnde Palace

Did you know that Sweden had a royal family? Well they do, and the palace is both a museum and historic monument. It has ornate furnishings and is worth the 160 swedish Krona to tour. Pictures of the palace:

5. Eat like a local

There are beautiful places to dine all over Stockholm. The swedish word for chocolate is Choclad. It’s easy to find favorite foods everywhere, and almost all the people I encountered spoke perfect English. There were cafes everywhere, and it’s always fun to enjoy a meal out.


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  1. I Love Stockholm! My niece lives there and I went to help her during her in her second week. We also saw the Nobel Museum which was awe-some!

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