Switzerland: The Basics

  Switzerland. The land of banks, watches, and the Alps. It’s definitely worth a trip, particularly if you are in love with hiking or have grown up watching the Sound of Music.       The Prices: The exchange rate from Swiss Franc to USD is about 1:1. That being said, Switzerland has a highContinue reading “Switzerland: The Basics”

Day Tripping from Split: Trogir

Trogir is a hidden gem in Croatia. It is about an hour’s ferry ride or bus from Split. Again, the streets and buildings are made of ancient limestone and marble. The entire city is walled, and there are beautiful promenades that surround several yachts.

#GoCroatia: Day tripping from Split: Krka National Park

While in Split, I took two separate day trips. One to Krka, and one to Trogir. Both were beautiful and totally worth the expense.     Krka is worth seeing. It is not as big as Plitvice, but has less people and a very educational section in which you learn all about the mills inContinue reading “#GoCroatia: Day tripping from Split: Krka National Park”

Split, Croatia: #Splitislit

Split, first and foremost, is a beach town. It has tons to do, and it has a reputation of being relaxing and wonderful. I scheduled five nights here, and I’m so glad I did. There is so much to do, and I really needed to rest after the action-packed adventure that was Dubrovnik.   WhileContinue reading “Split, Croatia: #Splitislit”

#GoCroatia: Game of Thrones and The Pearl of The Adriatic

I took a night bus from Zadar to Dubrovnik. Why? Because it’s an easy way to save money. If I slept on the night bus and arrived early in the morning, I would essentially have a free night. As Dubrovnik is literally the most expensive city in Croatia, this was imperative to me.   IContinue reading “#GoCroatia: Game of Thrones and The Pearl of The Adriatic”

Zagreb, Croatia- The Specifics

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is beautiful, inexpensive, and convenient. You can fly into Zagreb, and catch buses to every other major city, and it’s the closest ride to Plitvice National Park.