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Seoul, South Korea in the Trump Era

While the rest of the world looks at the government of North Korea, and feels threatened, South Korea, the closest geographically, looks on and sees the women and children who are missing out on nutrients. It sees the lack of any cohesive economic structure. It sees the misuse of resources. And, it wants to ensure that innocent lives- children specifically- are saved.

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Split, Croatia: #Splitislit

Split, first and foremost, is a beach town. It has tons to do, and it has a reputation of being relaxing and wonderful. I scheduled five nights here, and I’m so glad I did. There is so much to do, and I really needed to rest after the action-packed adventure that was Dubrovnik.   While…

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5 Must-Do Activities in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city rich in cultural history. It is easy to fill your time in Stockholm with excellent food, events and cultural discoveries. 1: Check out The Vasa The Vasa is an epic museum where you can discover much about Scandanavian Life. Essentially, the museum harbors an actual ship that was preserved for…

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Remembering My Grandma Ginger

I’m boarding a plane to Stockholm Tuesday evening. I will arrive in Sweden the next day, September 6, around 9am. I had initially planned to prepare for my trip last week by putting my items in storage, packing, calling about my financial stuff, squeezing in a couple of extra shifts at my per diem job,…

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