When I first booked my ticket to Portugal

It began with a facebook post.

“Ticket to Portugal! $320.00! Who’s with me?”

Twenty-one likes later, no one could commit to the ticket. I looked desparingly at my laptop screen. It was the day after my twenty-fifth birthday. I was scheduled to work that weekend.

While I was at work, I talked to colleague who joyfully ran up to me and told me she could go on the trip. Two days later- as I was buying the ticket- she cancelled on me.

That was when I realized I needed to take life into my own hands. Gone are the days of waiting for people to go along with plans. Gone are the days of letting others take the lead. It was finally time to embark on some sort of epic adventure on my own. A coming of age if you will. A time to be courageous. A time to forsake my typical twenty-something life, and cure the wanderlust resonating deep within my bones.

After a particularly trying day at work, I impulsively bought my ticket. One-way. Lisbon, Portugal. Departing from Boston around 11pm. 12 hour layover in Terciera. Arriving 9 PM in Lisbon.

I speak 0 Portuguese.

That is ok: it is part of the adventure. That was about two and a half months ago.

The trip has now expanded to include Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, England and Sweden. It is my first time out of the USA.

I can not wait for my mind to be completely and epically blown.


Meanwhile, in New England

Ironically, New England is the site of some of the richest history in the US. I am lucky enough to be able to have visited the New England states several times and this weekend was no exception.

In fact, I take at least one mini-trip up there a month. One of my favorite states is New Hampshire (also my home state.) New Hampshire is frequently described as ‘God’s Country,’ by those down south whom have never actually lived there. It has beautiful mountains, some smaller cities, and about ten miles of coastline.

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy my mini-trip up to the NH coast. I visited Portsmouth, NH which is a coastal city filled with history. There’s Strawberry Banke (an outdoor museum). There’s some coastline, and sunset cruises. Plus, the weekend nightlife in the summer includes diverse offerings of live music! This weekend I saw two very distinct bands for a very small cover charge.

After a night in Portsmouth, I was ready to spend a day in Hampton. Hampton beach is a gorgeous beach on NH ten miles of coastline with a half-mike strip of shops, and restaurants. Past the strip, there are beautifully expensive mansions and a trail that follows the coastline. The beaches visible from there are less crowded, and look more natural than the ones located on the main strip. It’s one of the best places to watch the sunset. Pictures of that are located below:



Cheap and Incredible Cures for Wanderlust

So, back when I was 7, my Dad read me The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkein. The Hobbit is an incredible story, filled with excitement, adventure and, best of all, dragons. It was the first novel I can remember reading. Nowadays, pretty much everyone knows about it, I mean, it was turned into a movie trilogy…. enough said. But, I genuinely think my Wanderlust began when my father began to read me that story. Ever since reading about the adventures of the lovely and incredible Bilbo Baggins, and the troupe of dwarves that accomanied him everywhere I have had an inexplicable desire for magic and adventure. Now that I am 20-something it wil actually occur.

So I’ve been researching cheap ways to travel since I was, like, 15.

First site I stumbled upon- WWOOFing. People who WWOOF essentially trade time on organic farms for room and board in a country. Here’s the link if you are interested:


If Organic Farming is your thing, I highly recommend this. I have yet to experience WWOOFING, but I have heard great reviews from friends who have utilized this experience.

If you aren’t into farming, there’s another route to go:


On this site, you can search countries you are interested in, and then work in the field you are interested in. Although you do not make money, you work about twenty hours a week, typically, and are able to spend the extra time exploring the countryside. Although I haven’t tried this either, it could possibly be another option. I would just do this, but my flights for this summer’s trip are already booked. Flying from the US to Europe and flying to eight different countries for under $1600. I’m pretty impressed, honestly. Flights are so much cheaper in Europe than in the US.

Quarter-Life Crisis

So, for the past year, I have been telling people I’ve hit a quarter-life crisis. I have been telling people that my life is a quarter way done, I am single, I have bills to play, and that, honestly, although I love my job, I am unsure that I am in the field I want to stay in for the rest of my life.

Although I began to tell people this after my husband of five years and I got a divorce  (ulggh. Break ups suck.), back when I was 23, I believe that I am only, just now at 25, exiting my quarter-life crisis. I only just now found out it’s a thing too. I mean, just google quarter-life crisis and see how many twenty-something blogs pop up. There are a lot. Also psychologically, the crisis revolves around intimacy vs. isolation (BINGO! This is why all my friends are leaving relationships and stressing out!)

So, in part because I am unsatisfied with living my life in the gray monotony of what is, and in part because I tend to make emotional decisions, I booked a ticket to Portugal. After googling flight prices, my trip expanded to include Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, England and Sweden. I booked my flights, I’m researching how to pack, and I’m ready to go figure myself out.

Let the Wanderlust be cured.

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