What is Faith?

Faith is something we practice everyday, whether we go to work and place it in the ability of the people we work for to pay us, or whether we get on a plane and place it in the hands of pilots flying the plane. We can place our faith in all kinds of systems and structures, and we may never see them.

Planning for the trip (Or, how I’m travelling to 9 countries for $1500)

LIke every solid Type A person out there, before I left, I knew I needed a plan. This is a brief synopsis of what I did to get the best prices on everything: Step 1: Dream I literally thought about travelling for years before I actually booked my first international flight. For this particular Eurotrip,Continue reading “Planning for the trip (Or, how I’m travelling to 9 countries for $1500)”

When I first booked my ticket to Portugal

It began with a facebook post. “Ticket to Portugal! $320.00! Who’s with me?” Twenty-one likes later, no one could commit to the ticket. I looked desparingly at my laptop screen. It was the day after my twenty-fifth birthday. I was scheduled to work that weekend. While I was at work, I talked to colleague whoContinue reading “When I first booked my ticket to Portugal”

Cheap and Incredible Cures for Wanderlust

So, back when I was 7, my Dad read me The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkein. The Hobbit is an incredible story, filled with excitement, adventure and, best of all, dragons. It was the first novel I can remember reading. Nowadays, pretty much everyone knows about it, I mean, it was turned into a movie trilogy….Continue reading “Cheap and Incredible Cures for Wanderlust”

Quarter-Life Crisis

So, for the past year, I have been telling people I’ve hit a quarter-life crisis. I have been telling people that my life is a quarter way done, I am single, I have bills to play, and that, honestly, although I love my job, I am unsure that I am in the field I wantContinue reading “Quarter-Life Crisis”