What is Lagos?

Lagos, Portugal. Never heard of it? Neither had I. I stumbled, somewhat accidentally into this place via google. Literally, just google beaches in Portugal and you will see the Algarves. The Algarves Are a region of southern Portugal that were described by google as “the Florida of Europe.” After seeing pictures and reading reviews, IContinue reading “What is Lagos?”

The Natural Beauty of Newport RI

Newport, Rhode Island. A small town in a small state, with some beautiful beaches, rich history, and surprises everywhere. I had never heard about it until I moved to the South Coast of Massachusetts. Apparently, an assortment of wealthy and unambiguous individuals have lived here in the past, which you can learn about on theContinue reading “The Natural Beauty of Newport RI”

Planning for the trip (Or, how I’m travelling to 9 countries for $1500)

LIke every solid Type A person out there, before I left, I knew I needed a plan. This is a brief synopsis of what I did to get the best prices on everything: Step 1: Dream I literally thought about travelling for years before I actually booked my first international flight. For this particular Eurotrip,Continue reading “Planning for the trip (Or, how I’m travelling to 9 countries for $1500)”