Gone Adventuring: Getting to Plitvice Lakes National Park

Experiencing Plitvice is worth any price you need to pay. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Experience White Water Rafting: The Kennebec River

"....being in the raft with no electronics or distractions provides everyone aboard with a genuine opportunity to reflect and connect: and, this is probably the most valuable part of the entire trip."

What is Lagos?

Lagos, Portugal. Never heard of it? Neither had I. I stumbled, somewhat accidentally into this place via google. Literally, just google beaches in Portugal and you will see the Algarves. The Algarves Are a region of southern Portugal that were described by google as "the Florida of Europe." After seeing pictures and reading reviews, I … Continue reading What is Lagos?

The Natural Beauty of Newport RI

Newport, Rhode Island. A small town in a small state, with some beautiful beaches, rich history, and surprises everywhere. I had never heard about it until I moved to the South Coast of Massachusetts. Apparently, an assortment of wealthy and unambiguous individuals have lived here in the past, which you can learn about on the … Continue reading The Natural Beauty of Newport RI