New Year, New York

Anyway, I’m in New York, and I love it here. So far, I have had way more time to reflect, more time to visit others, more time to learn, and somehow have gotten more work done. I am so grateful for the provision God has given me, and so grateful for my family and friends, both new and old, who are part of my journey, for ‘we know in part and prophesy in part,’ but part of having faith is stepping out and taking risks, even if you don’t know how things will pan out. And, I’m truly walking in faith that God has reasons for our seasons, and I am here for a purpose, even if that purpose is unfolding more slowly than I would like.

Why I love the Free Market Economy

European Airlines. What does that have to do with a free market economy? Everything. Fact: Currently, it is cheaper for me to fly from Boston to London than it is to fly from Boston to Las Vegas. Fact: The European airline systems were deregulated back in the early 90s, and during this time, many smallContinue reading “Why I love the Free Market Economy”