Lifetime Moments: Barcelona

Two years ago, I purchased my first overseas ticket to Portugal. From there, I went to Barcelona, where I would eventually meet up with my friend Junior.

While in Barcelona, I stayed at a Hostel called the St Jordi Rock Hostel with excellent ratings. It was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. Upon arriving, I was not disappointed. The hostel had modern dormitories, a large common area with a kitchen, and individual phone plugs for each guest. Additionally the Hostel hosted several events, and had connections to tours around Barcelona.

One of the buildings Gaudi designed in Barcelona that we saw during the walking tour.

While at St Jordi, I attended as many of the events as I could. Usually the events consisted of large dinner and sangria for about 8 Euro. At the time, this was about equal to 8 USD. These events gave the hostel and incredibly social atmosphere. Typically, after the festivities, guests could continue to hangout with either in the common area or on a Pub Crawl organized by the hostel.

At one of these events, I ended up meeting a ton of people, one of whom is my friend Angelica. After hanging out, we exchanged contact information, and were able to meet up again on Stockholm. On this same trip, she ended up meeting her fiance who lives in the USA.

Angelica, Amelia and I exploring around Sweden later on during the first trip.

What’s interesting about this is that we were all at that hostel by chance. Like, I literally began my trip with an impromptu, (and admittedly impulsive) ticket to Lisbon, and literally the cheapest flight I could find out of Lisbon, which brought me to Barcelona.

It has been two years since that trip, and now I have seen her lovely flat in Stockholm, and when we are in the USA I am confident that we will visit and continue to be friends.

That’s the beauty of traveling, these small, seemingly random moments don’t have to end. The good bits can continue to live on, because when you connect with someone, it just works out.


Angelica and I hanging out two years later.


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