The Art of Daytripping

Daytripping is not just an art: It is a way of life. I spend far more weekend hours away from my cozy dwelling place than there.

Here’s how I normally plan my day trips:

Step 1: Decide if you are going alone or with someone.

This is easy! If I’m invited to hang out with friends, than I go somewere. If my friends all have plans or are busy, than I ask myself what do I want to do? If what I want to do is within a three hour radius, I google it, and hop in my car.

Typically, I prefer to meet my friends wherever it is I’m going. That way, if they become bored or want to do something else, I am not obligated to go with them. Plus, when you go places by yourself, you are more likely to join an impromptu beach volleyball game and meet new people, which is always fun. Or, you can sit on a beach blanket and read a book without having to entertain people. Either way, it is a blessing. And if you are hiking, it is a perfect time to reflect on Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, or the path your life is currently on.

Step 2: Make sure all of your work for Monday is completed

Because, nothing sucks more than getting to a place of marked interest, and then pumping out 4 lesson plans and an IEP when you’ve driven three hours to enjoy yourself.

Step 3: Budget

This is where I decide how much money I have to spend. If I am broke, I pack my lunch, an extra outfit, and flip flops. I also pack a small sleeping bag just in case I decide I want to spend the night somewhere, looking at the stars.

Also, bring $10.00 cash for tolls, whether you are broke or not. Especially if you are travelling through Boston.

Step 4: Go. 

Don’t listen to anyone else. Don’t listen to people who tell you that you are wasting time or that you should be focusing on something else. Don’t worry if the details are planned out. Pull over if something catches your insterest. You may never get to the original destination. That’s ok.

You’ll know where you are going once you get there.


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